Monday, April 21, 2014

Magnetic Messaging Review

Bobby Rio is a famous dating expert with some amazing qualities of attracting women within moments. Bobby’s small NY apartment is simply an entertainment hub for the hottest women in the region. Bobby Rio aka Tony Almeida started working as a Pick Up Artist and later he became a dating advisor. Now, he runs several websites, dating magazines and interactive platforms to help his devotees online.

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He has also authored number of successful books on successful dating and attracting all women around. He runs a popular men’s lifestyle blog, The website has a very resourceful dating section for the users. His web presence has made him a successful leader in this industry with thousands of dedicated followers. Lately he has come up with another sure shot formula known as Magnetic messaging.

The text-base powerful software guides you how to make simple messages into powerful puller. The intensive formula is mostly successful regardless of the type, choice and personality of a woman. Bobby Rio has co-created the formula with Rob Judge, another seducer-pro. As a whole, the product has turned out to be a dating pro for single males of 21st century.

The guide has an innovative and unique formula that makes the job easier for anyone. This requires only your concentration and devotion to what you’re doing. According to’s editor Clint Johnson, the guide contains some powerful texting secrets that immediately make any attractive woman ready to go out on a date.

For most men, getting attention from a woman is a challenge. Some are able to do it easily whereas some struggle through their lives. It may be easy to get her number, but what about the next step? When and how you should ask her for dine out. Well, the book has got an amazing relation-building potential. It can help you go through the toughest phase very easily. As the satisfied customers say, once they get out for a date, they admit how the product changed their lives almost overnight!

Texting is an effective way to introduce with each other and it’s not very difficult to manage her number. But learning about the proper emotional tools will get you to her heart, bring the love birds closer, may be to a seductive candlelight dinner. The guide educates how to use the emotional sparks and master them for dating someone you admire. The product comes with a 60-day money back guarantee and the number of refund requests is literally negligible.

The texting guide discusses about an innovative 3-step idea termed as key lock sequence. It elaborates into three phases of texting. The concept works as a backbone and the uniqueness and gravity of the idea make the system work. The phases are: triggering the emotions, establishing an emotional attachment and handling the logistics and positive consequences well.

The texting guide doesn’t endorse anything that’ll find in every dating guide such as asking questions, acting polite, getting engaged into small conversations, begging etc. It just acts like a bullet that lets you enter the main part straight. Acting in a weird way may saturate your intension and things will go astray. So you start with attracting a woman towards you, you follow the relationship by creating a bond and you succeed with a sensual date once you have planted the flame of desire in her mind.

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Pro Points For Magnetic Messaging

The guide has got number of favorable points that talk on behalf of it. The positive points that compel every struggling male singles are:

- The product is designed for everyone. It has got the best weapon to win over the law of attraction. Any single male can follow the technique and get what he’s been struggling to achieve for years.
- The creators of the guide are known for their supremacy and uniqueness in this field. You won’t only get a one-time guide; rather you will explore their secret world of dating advices. Their expert opinions will help you take every situation under your control.
- The product is highly affordable considering the magic it shows. It will change your life overnight. So you can’t expect something like this at a better rate.
- The product comes with a full money back guarantee for 60 days after you purchase. This means, you can implement the lessons in your life and analyze the result to opt for the refund option in the next 2 months. You have nothing to lose; rather you get a priceless treasure at a nominal price.
- Finally, let’s talk about the customers who purchased the guide. Well, the number of refund is very close to nil. Most customers have attained success within a week or two after they finished mastering the guidelines. Their inspiring feedbacks will definitely help you decide about purchasing the product now.

Negative Points For Magnetic Messaging

The texting masterpiece hasn’t yet demonstrated any major negative points favoring against it. As the number of refunds isn’t much, it’s not possible to list the negative comments made on it. But some users have talked about places where they had expected something better from the creators. Let’s list some of those skeptical points:

- Sometimes, the strategies don’t work well for women with special or unorthodox personalities. The techniques are designed for average women who are ready to socialize enthusiastically. Some unfortunate users couldn’t attain the 100 percent success rate even after mastering the texting magic.
- A few clients complained about the approach of the Magnetic Messaging guide. As the texting manual exclusively deals with instant dating method, it doesn’t concentrate on building long term relationships. Some users reported that the method helped them getting their love of life, but it didn’t help much in continuing the relationships.

But fortunately, most clients could understand the guide’s real intension. The book can be a good opener, but you have to do everything by yourself to continue, build or maintain an eternal love affair with someone you have fallen in love.

Final Conclusion & Overall Rating [9 out of 10]

Magnetic Messaging doesn’t claim to initiate eternal love relationships. But it will certainly help you learn the secret laws of attraction that’ll serve you lifelong as a powerful persuasive skill. And it works as a magic charm for single males struggling with dating issues. If you want to succeed with every dating effort you make, Magnetic messaging guide is certainly the best buy for you today.

Magnetic Messaging